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Warren "Red" Willard as all the roofers knew him, started working at Standard Roofing in Okc in the 50's and met several roofers. He then went to work at Cathey Roofing Supply in Okc. In 1958 he moved to Tulsa and went to work at Roofing Sheet Metal Supply. In 1962 he and his partners opened Midwest Roofing Supply in Tulsa until one of the partners died and they closed. He moved back to Oklahoma City and went back to work at Cathey Roofing Supply. In 1965 "Red" and Paul Graham opened Roofers Supply which is still in business. "Red" sold his shares of Roofers Supply and months later Warren "Red" Willard and JoElla Willard took all there money and assets to open Willards Wholesale Roofing in 1965 at 208 E. Sheridan in Oklahoma City. Which is now a part of Bricktown and the warehouse is now a dance club and bar and is located just behind the left field wall of the Bricktown Ballpark. Gerald and Carol Cavener bought the company in 1980 from his stepdad and seen it grow into the company it is today.

208 E. Sheridan

In 1989 Willards Wholesale Roofing was needing more room and office space. We found a place 4 blocks north of our current location and in 1993 we started building a new store. Just in time because Bricktown started booming and we wouldn't have been able to operate at our old store anymore. We then had the best view of Downtown Oklahoma City and also survived the Murray Building Bombing that happened 6 blocks away.

100 N.E. 4th Street

In 2006 we started looking for land to build on in the future. But instead a change of plans! Triangle Group started building high end condo's around us and eventually offered to make us a trade, they would build our building, put up fences, and all the concrete work on our land for our property on 4th street. We were opened for business in May 2007 at our current location. A big improvement from our last location of being on .96 acres to now being located on 4 acres of land.

3100 S. Bryant Ave.


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